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WealthGuard Digital Assets is a small boutique company, where our team is offering different types of services such as transactional support, advisory-,  research & due diligence- and for most education services. Our goal is to make sure you find the right support at all stages of your digital journey by taking out the complexity and insecurity. We are committed to delivering you the customised service portfolio needed by your specific needs.


We at Wealthguard Digital Assets are a young dynamic entrepreneurial team with a total of 65 years business experience in the wealth management, blockchain and crypto environment.  Eventhough the digital finance solution world started by the late 1991 and had a full start in 2009 we gained our experiences by exploring, learning and doing the real thing.

Now in 2021 we decided that the market was ripe for a real entry and offer advisory services in this area.

Having many years of experience in the traditional wealth management we believe that the digital asset world should be part of your future wealth management strategy.

Our team would be delighted to offer our customised services to jointly grow your assets additionally to your current or future projects.

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